Thursday, January 14, 2010

Syria continues pressure on political Kurds

January 14, 2010 by sks

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Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD reports that an individual military judge in Aleppo released the following detainees on 12 January 2010:

  • Lucan Suleiman Khader, born 1980;
  • Idris Mohammed Mohammed born 1983;

and continued the detention of the following people in Aleppo prison:

  • Rewan Jamil Jamil , born 1985;
  • Anwar Abdul-Rahman Ali, born 1975.

These four Kurds from Qamishli city were detained by the State Security forces after a raid on their homes on 10 August 2009. They were taken to Damascus and from there to Aleppo where they were brought before the military prosecutor and were charged with belonging to a banned political organization, under article 288 of the Syrian Penal Code.

Syrian Committee for Human Rights - MAD welcomes the release of two of these people, but calls for the other two detainees to be also released. We demand that the special courts, and martial law be abolished, and the State of Emergency be lifted. We expect the Syrian Government to show respect for the covenants and conventions that protect human freedom and dignity which have been signed by the Syrian government, and therefore to cease arresting citizens for their political views.

Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD


13 December 2010