Monday, January 25, 2010

Militant Kurdish group warns tourists and Turkey


Istanbul - The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) released a statement that they’ve taken a decision in their first congress to carry out attacks against the Turkish state.

In the declaration, TAK says it didn’t carry out attacks in the last years, due to the Kurdish initiative of the Turkish government. But the TAK says it now became clear that Kurds are oppressed and that the living conditions of the imprisoned PKK-leader Abdullah Öcalan have been worsening.

TAK also criticized the armed fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party, the People’s Defence Forces (HPG), saying that the PKK is not launching enough operations against the state. TAK also warned tourists. “To not became a target in this war, one should leave Turkey as fast as possible or otherwise cancel the trip to Turkey.”

The militant TAK came into the spotlight after attacks against tourists, killing five tourists in 2006. The U.S. government designated TAK as a terrorist organization on January 10 2007. Some analysts suggest the TAK is linked to the PKK, while others say its completely independent from the organization. In the past, PKK condemned the attacks of TAK

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