Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kurds want to get rid of Iraqi PM


Baghdad – The Iraqi Kurdish political parties do not want to have another term for the current Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki. This idea is shared by other Shia and Sunni parties.

The Kurdistan Alliance is trying to find support to get rid of Maliki. The idea is supported by the Shia Iraqi National Alliance (Itilaf Watani al Iraqi) and the Sunni Iraqiya list.

The former parliamentary chairman al-Mashedani says many political lists are interested in the idea. “These three lists do not want al-Maliki anymore. All of them have bad experiences with him and therefore they don’t support him. It’s not aimed against the party of the prime minister. They can participate as long as the al-Maliki doesn’t become the prime minister. It’s a personal issue and not aimed against his rank and file,” says the Sunni politician.

According to Iraq expert Joost Hilterman, Maliki angered Kurds with his Iraqi nationalist rhetoric and military moves. Maliki will participate in the upcoming Iraqi elections on 7 March, with the State of Law List (Al Dewle al Qanuniya)

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