Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kurdish parties get nearly $ 75 million from gov’t


Erbil - Forty-seven political parties receive more around $ 75,500 million each month from the budget of the Kurdistan Regional government, according to a document posted today (January, 19, 2010) by Rozhnama, a newspaper affiliated with Goran Movement.

Goran is the main Kurdish opposition party in the Kurdish region of Iraq and has 25 seats in the parliament.

According to the document, which has not been authenticated by an independent party, each one of the main Kurdish parties, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party get more than $ 35 million per-month.

In recent months some political parties have pushed for a transparent mechanism for giving financial support by the government. So far, authorities officially have not announced how much money each of PUK and KDP get from the government.

Currently, the Kurdistan parliament is drafting a legislation by which each political parties will get a financial sum depending on how many seats they have in the parliament or how many votes they received in the July parliamentary elections (Photo: Rudaw).

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