Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iran arrests officials and spies for collaborating with Kurds


Saqiz - In an early morning raid on Saturday on the offices of the intelligence and governorship in the city of Mariwan in Iranian Kurdistan five high level officials have been arrested accused of collaborating with a Kurdish opposition group reports Medya news.

The Sine News Agency reports that opposition parties were planning protests on the anniversary of the 1979 revolution in the Kurdish cities of Saghiz and Mariwan similar to the protests in Tehran on the Asura day.

According to the news agency, the individuals under arrest have already confessed to have contacts with the Kurdish group. The Medya News agency says Iran is staging region-wide arrests and further executions to stop the recent opposition wave of protests.

Kurdish news reports suggest the number of political and civil rights activists sentenced to death now stands at 21. Human rights organizations have condemned the execution of Kurdish political prisoners.

Iran says its forces recently clashed with the guerrilla’s of Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) which killed a city prosecutor and seized the man responsible. According to Kurdish media the prosecutor was responsible for sentencing Kurds to death (Photo:

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