Friday, January 15, 2010

Hawlati: Iranian agent arrested by Kurdish party


Slemani - The communist Kurdish opposition party Komala claims to have captured the Iranian agent Ali Sermadi reports the Kurdish newspaper Hawlati. Komala refused to hand the agent over to the police in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Ali Sermadi has been active for one year for the Kurdish party Komala from Iranian Kurdistan. He has been working for the newspaper of Komala. According to a member of Komala’s leadership, Sermadi has confessed to be working for the Iranian intelligence service.

Sermadi currently is in the main office of Komala in Iraqi Kurdistan. The party doesn’t want to give the ‘Iranian agent’ to the police, because they are afraid the Kurdish authorities will give the Iranian agent back to iran. Until now, the American army haven’t shown any interest in Sermadi (Photo: Rudaw).

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