Thursday, January 14, 2010

Appeal from Öcalan to Gül

Kurdish Info 12.01.2009 - Appealing to Turkish President Abdullah Gul from his prison cell in Imrali, Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan said that if the peace process was not developed then the ‘‘rigid-nationalist Ergenekon line’’ would begin a Kurdish-Turkish conflict. ‘‘February is approaching. Even if the PKK wanted to, they would not be able to prevent the people’s reaction,’’ warned Öcalan. ‘‘I am only voicing my concerns. If I did not speak there would be widespread bloodshed,’’ he added. Öcalan emphasised that his statements were for a democratic peaceful resolution to the Kurdish issue. In his weekly meeting with lawyers, Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan assessed current political developments as follows:
‘‘The AKP are working with Israel. Netanyahu is a radical nationalist but Olmert and Barak are in harmony with the AKP. The cosmic room is a façade. We must look at the backdrop to this façade. The AKP are not conducting this process on their own, there is an Erdoğan-Başbuğ alliance, and the USA is supporting them. The ‘hundred year’ phrase that they have recently begun using, they probably took it from me. I have been saying it for a very long time; Ergenekon has roots that go back hundreds of years. It leans on the activities of the Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa (Special Organisation) from 1906. In fact we could take it back to 1876; the hanging of Abdülaziz leans on a similar organisation. Its roots are very old. In those days they organised in Muslim countries using Islam. Moderate Islam and Radical Islam have connections with the USA. The USA has appointed the AKP in the role of Moderate Islam.

The AKP are trying to draw the Arabs from Radical to Moderate Islam. They are attempting to do this using Hamas. However, I know the Arabs well, they will not accept this, and the AKP cannot achieve it. A complete deadlock is in question. The AKP will not be able to escape from this. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were organised and supported by the USA during the war, now Obama is trying to control them but is struggling. They (the Taliban) are now used to the power they have; they don’t want to let it go. The struggle between them now is for power. The killing of Benazir Bhutto was a result of this struggle. Like Tansu Çiller, Benazir Bhutto was also supported by America. In Afghanistan the USA brought Hamid Karzai to power.

Obama is trying to topple the radical Islamists that are in power and replace them with moderates, but the radicals are insistent on holding onto power. The wife of the person who killed 7 CIA agents is Turkish. I heard it on the news, 5 CIA agents have come from America to investigate the issue. The Ergenekon connection in this incident is very obvious, this is the Turkish Ergenekon. They had said before that the attack on the American Consulate in Ankara was carried out by the Al Qaeda; however now we know that it was the work of Ergenekon. These people are reckless enough to kill 7 CIA agents. This rigid Ergenekon line is still very strong. This is evident from Mustafa Balbay’s diaries. He says regarding General Özkök, ‘‘they are one we are ninety-nine.’’ They are still partially active in the Turkish Armed Forces.

Regarding the Kurds there are two policies of extermination. The first is the rigid denial and extermination line. This is the line that is being enforced by Ergenekon, the MHP and CHP. The second is the soft extermination policy of the AKP which is aiming for a solution without the PKK and Öcalan, and is leaning on Iraq, America, partially Europe, Barzani and Talabani and is trying to create fake Kurdish leaderships to get results. This is what the AKP has been trying to do in their 7 seven years in power.

I told them in the defence I gave to the court. I can only take place with a democratic and peaceful solution. They cannot make me a part of an elimination plan. Our elimination will not make the solution easier. Our solution is democracy, a democratic solution and peace. I have stated the road to peace very explicitly in my road map. We are for a solution within that framework; no one can force me to become part of any other type of solution.

I believe the President has said in a programme that an opportunity for peace has been wasted, but that it is still not too late. Why did he not solve it then, what is his job? Is someone stopping him? I would like to make an appeal to Mr. Abdullah Gül. The solution that we would like to develop is a democratic peaceful solution. There are certain quarters that are trying to prevent this. February is approaching. Even if the PKK wanted to, they would not be able to prevent the people’s reaction. This period needs to be used wisely. We do not want bloodshed and violence. The tension between peoples is being stoked. The forced emigration of the Romany people is an example of this. If things are left to the State then these things will develop rapidly. If a democratic solution does not develop in this period then other methods will strengthen. I am warning the KCK and the Turkish State; if the democratic and peaceful solution is not developed then the rigid-nationalist Ergenekon line will create a Turkish-Kurdish conflict, these people are merciless, they will get the Kurds and Turks to slaughter each other. Recently they shot at the public; they opened fire (in Bulanik, Muş.)

The President must perceive and consider this. If you are sincere for a solution, and serious, you must use this period of time wisely. However, if you insist on elimination and extermination then the PKK can protect itself very efficiently and continue the war for a very long time. To prevent this, a dialogue must begin. The ex- MIT undersecretary Sönmez Köksal is also saying this; there are a thousand ways of conducting a dialogue. It does not necessarily have to be with me, not directly. As long as there is a serious approach. If I am asked to play a role my conditions need to be changed. I cannot do anything in these conditions.

The denial and extermination policy ended with the meeting between PM Tayyip Erdoğan and George Bush on November 5th 2007. A wing of the rigid nationalist Ergenekon is in Silivri and the other is in Parliament. The MHP and CHP are the suspects within Parliament. The MHP, CHP and Eruygur are in this wing and are insisting on a rigid physical denial and extermination policy. (Deniz) Baykal and (Devlet) Bahçeli have no power as individuals; there are powers which they are leaning on. They also have international connections. Bahçeli went on a trip to China. Levent Ersöz had come back from Moscow before his arrest. Tuncer Kılınç made a statement regarding Iran, regarding an alliance with Iran; they are leaning on Iran as well. The MHP and CHP are both nationalists.

The CHP are not leftists. The BDP (Peace & Democracy Party) must fill this gap. The BDP needs to include all the anti-fascist left groups and radical democrats. Democratic Muslims can also be included. There are three approaches in Turkey; one of them is the rigid, nationalist Ergenekon line, the second is the mild elimination line of the AKP, USA, partially Europe, Barzani and Talabani. The third is the line of the radical democrats.

The BDP must become the party of the whole of Turkey and create a perspective that has solutions to all of Turkey’s problems. I mentioned feminist and environmentalist circles before. The BDP needs to be multi-coloured, and represent all the colours of Turkey. I spoke about three principles regarding this: the democratic republic, democratic homeland, this also includes Kurdistan, and also the democratic nation. This concept of a democratic nation is against the rigid nationalist mentality of the MHP and CHP. People can come together around these three principles. The representation of this party must be strong.

The DTK (Democratic Society Congress) works for the construction of a democratic Kurdish society. It conducts itself according to law and carries out activities according to the needs of the Kurdish people. It organises people democratically and organises activities in the fields of sport, healthcare, art, folk dance, environment, woman, culture etc. The DTK is completely in line with law and is a civilian organisation. It carries out its activities according to this. For this reason the current arrests are political, deliberate and far from being legal.

I am only voicing my concerns. If I did not speak there would be widespread bloodshed. I am talking to prevent this. They are saying that we have been in fraternity for a thousand years; this is why I am speaking, to bring peace. I am not against the unity of the State; I am not taking this kind of approach. My statements are for a peaceful and democratic solution.

The freedom of women is the foundation and essence of my work. Women are the engine and frontline of the struggle in the world and Middle East. The issue of women has not yet been grasped, it is being misused. My assessments regarding women’s freedom need to be comprehended and put into practice correctly. Women must develop themselves. I would like to send my regards to all women.’’