Thursday, December 31, 2009

A statement by the Gorran Movement about their concerns of Terror and political assassination in the region of Sulaymani

We at the Gorran Movement and all of our councils in Europe and abroad are very concerned about the recent developments in the sulaymani region which have happened over the last two months.

The abduction, political killing and the also attempted political assassination, has been unprecedented in the sulaymania region. The security apparatus and police have not as yet, reached any conclusion.

In the middle of October 2009, a vehicle belonging to a well-known Journalist named Bhaktiar Ali, had been found burnt-out. On 7th November the attempted killing with an iron tool, was intended for General Dara Tawfiq Aga. He received an injury to his head, in front of his house in Bhaktyari district in Sulaymany. On 4th December the third accident to happen, was when Sardar Kahdir was visiting one of his relatives. He was attacked in his relative’s house and had been badly injured and also shot in the leg. On 11th December Yasin Abdulla in the Mamostayan district had also been shot and injured. On 22nd December In the village of Shanadari, the Burhan Hama Hamaramazan had been shot and received a serious injury to his stomach. On the 27th December the Rauf Zaraynee had also been shot and died in front of his house. On 28th December the resident of Bhaktyar Shiek Osman had been attacked by several people but without any injury.

It is not a coincidence that all these people are active, inside The Gorran Movement. It is a wonder why these events had happened during this particular time of year and with only a few weeks away from the Iraqi assembly election .It is not surprising that the police and security apparatus had not issued any statements in respect of these incidents.

We in the Gorran movement condemn all these acts of violence and hold the PUK and KDP both responsible for all of these incidents. The security and peace in the Sulaymani area are the responsibility of KRG which is controlled by two ruling parties.

We in the Gorran Movement are sending this letter to the Iraqi section in the House of Commons in the UK and also the state department in the US. This to inform them, to be aware of the possibility of an outbreak of civil war within the Sulaymani area.

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