Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kurdish soldiers want helicopters


Erbil - The Kurdish Ministry of Peshmerga has declared it wants heavy weapons and helicopters to defend the Kurdistan region.

Spokesman of Peshmerga Affairs, Cebar Yawer has indicated that an agreement signed between Kurds and Baghdad in 2007 under supervision of the Americans, gives the Kurdish government the right to sign arms agreements with foreign countries, one time in every two months. But this must be accepted by the government in Baghdad and be paid by the Iraqi authorities.

“As long if we don’t get the money that the Peshmerga deserves, we cannot buy heavier weapons. Our goal is, as part of the Iraqi forces, to also defend our borders with helicopters and other materials,” said Yawer.

Recently Prime Minister Maliki threathened to close down two military academies of the Kurdish peshmerga forces in Zaxo and Qala Choalan.

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