Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Iranian Kurdish party wants dialogue with Iran


Teheran – “The Kurds shouldn’t overthrow the central government in the countries where they live,” Khalid Aziz said, the leader of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDP-I) this week. “We shouldn’t make claims, we cannot achieve.”

Today most Kurdish parties from Iran want the overthrow of the Islamic regime, but the KDP-I leader says this is not realistic. “The Kurds are not the biggest etnic group in Iran. We don’t have the military capacity, men and international support to overthrow the Islamic republic.” Therefore Azizi thinks Kurds should be more realistic.

The KDP-I is the oldest political party in Iran’s Kurdistan. The party founded the Republic of Kurdistan in Iran. After the fall of the republic, the party always fought for democratization and autonomy for Kurdistan in Iran, but the Iranian authorities weren’t ever prepared to meet Kurdish demands and killed the leader of the KDP-I in Europe in negotiation attempts.

But Azizi says his party is now again prepared to talk with Iran, despite of the bad history of Iran assassinating its leaders. “If Iran guarantees our security and promises our members are not hanged, we are prepared to return to Iran and participate in the elections for the parliament and municipalities.”

Azizi told Rudaw that he doesn’t believe the Iranian regime will ever give federalism or autonomy to the Kurds, but still he wants to ‘return and participate in the political life’. The party of Azizi wants to use diplomacy and the media to influence Iran to talk with the Iranian Kurdish parties. (Photo: Rudaw)

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