Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ibrahim Burro is released from prison in Syria


December 30, 2009 by sks

Ibrahim Burro released

Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria announced today that Ibrahim Burro has been released from prison in Syria. He was arrested in April 2009 and sentenced in October 2009 for belonging to a ’secret organisation’. He was given a warm reception upon his release by people from his Party and leaders of other Kurdish political parties in Syria.

Fouad Aleko, Secretary of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria gave a speech condemning the facist policies of the Syrian Government that are used against the Kurdish population in Syria. He said that the methods used against the Kurds will not stop our movement and activities in working for Kurdish rights.

Fouad Aleko stated that Kurds are very passionate about living under a democratic system, and said that if the cost of working towards this will be imprisonment then we are not afraid.

He spoke about the arrests of Hassan Saleh, Mohammed Mustafa, Marouf Mela Ahmed and Anwer Naso, saying that these arrests are unjustified, and are seen as a message for our Party and our political movement that the authorities intend to continue to oppress and to ignore the basic rights of Kurds, and humanity. He committed the Party to continuing activity, saying that although the Syrian authorities may arrest many hundreds or thousands of us, they cannot arrest all of the three million Kurds and kill our spirit of freedom.

Fouad Aleko invited the authorities to open responsible dialogue with the Kurdish leaders so that initiatives can be found to solve these difficulties regarding the Kurdish question on the basis of equality and co-existance.

Ibrahim Burro gave a speech describing his experiences in prison, including his isolation. He reported that there are many teenagers in prison who are naive about politics and who have been imprisoned merely for wearing emblems of the Kurdish political parties. He said that the arbitrary political arrests are malicious in intent against Kurds. Ibrahim Burro confirmed that he will continue in his political life in defence of basic Kurdish rights.

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