Sunday, December 27, 2009

Humanity is being treaded on!

Kurdish Info 27.12.2009- We witnessed the images shown on Roj TV. These were devastating images of the savagery inflicted on the corpses of guerrillas. These images were an indication of how humanity is being treaded on by the Turkish Army. How the rules of war are being violated and the levels of enmity and hostility the Turkish Army feels towards the Kurdish people, these images were a document of this and were telling… We apologise to the families of both guerrillas for showing these images.

The images showing this savagery were recorded after December 4th.

The barbarism and intolerance of the Turkish Armed Forces, even towards dead Kurdish guerrillas is hidden in these images. As was seen, a guerrilla, face down, was being dragged on the floor.

When the honour of the other guerrilla, also being dragged, was being a trampled on, a soldier is heard saying, ‘‘even to carry this (the guerrilla) is a sin.’’

When the guerrilla who was dragged face down is seen, another soldier can be heard swearing and saying that he is going to smash the guerrilla’s head.

These brutal images were recorded by a Turkish soldier named Onur Ibrahim Alper.

It is interesting and unusual that the images were shared on Facebook.

It is also striking that the images, shared with what intent it is not known, were removed from the site a short while later.

However, also on Ibrahim Alper’s Facebook wall are videos of the soldiers taking their oaths.

It is evident from these images that apart from prosecutors and the police, soldiers are also following the orders of the Turkish State and doing ‘what needs to be done.’ In short Kurds are being massacred in the street, in the mountains, in prison or wherever they are.

Making a statement regarding these images, the HPG (People’s Defence Forces) Media and Communications Centre reacted strongly against this savagery and said that this had been done despite the ceasefire of April 13th.

The HPG emphasised that the degrading images had exposed the savage methods of the Turkish Army once again. They also added that kicking and swearing at corpses was not humane and warned the Turkish Army not to test their patience with such savage practises.

The HPG asked that the right lessons be learned from history and also pointed out that these images had been recorded 3 days before the Tokat attack. The statement also asked for the inhumane images to be watched carefully by everyone and called on the Kurdish public to voice their anger.

The HPG disclosed that the corpses belonged to guerrillas Metin Güleç (codename: Zafer Cudi) and Yakup Dellayimilan (codename: Harun Betirs), who had been killed in battle in Cudi on December 4th.