Monday, November 23, 2009

Syria: 300 Kurds on hunger strike


Damascus – 300 Kurdish prisoners in the prison of Edra of Damascus have been in hunger strike for 24 days to protest their bad living conditions reports the DIHA news agency.

The 300 Kurds were all imprisoned for the membership of the Party for Democratic Unity (PYD), which has ties with the Kurdistan Workers Party. The court in Damascus has given punishment to five of the protesting prisoners.

In Europe there were several demonstrations in solidarity with the prisoners. The prisoners in Damascus are on hunger strike for the fourth time, but local sources suggests that this didn’t change the bad treatment. Munzir Abdul, Fetah Shor, Jiwan Mohammed Ahmed, Hasan Khalid Qido, Khalil Fayde Deli and Menan Ahmed Seydo were punished for their actions. (Photo: DIHA)

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