Thursday, November 19, 2009

PUK: Islamic Movement supporters won’t vote for us


Sulaimani – The Islamic Movement in Kurdistan (IMK) will only remain in the Kurdistan alliance for the Iraqi elections, if they will receive a seat in the Iraqi parliament. A member of PUK criticized this, because supporters of IMK will not vote for the Kurdistan alliance.

On 11 November, it became clear that IMIK is part of the Kurdistan coalition list, which consists of 12 parties. But PUK official Farid Asasard says that the ruling parties KDP led by Barzani and PUK led by Talabani won’t benefit from this.

“Until the Islamic movement had big problems with their participation with PUK and KDP in the coalition, and they reached a point to say: we didn’t decide yet whether to participate or not in the coalition". Farid Asasard said that the Kurdish coalition will not benefit from the participation. “It’s supporters will vote for the lists of the KIU and the Islamic group, instead of voting for the Kurdistan coalition list.”

After the establishment of the Kurdistan coalition list, half of the council members of the IMIK didn’t agree with the participation. As a result, the party decided that they needed a guarantee of a parliament seat for IMIK. Muhammad Baziani, member of the politburo of IMIK confirmed this. “PUK and KDP have told us verbally, that they will give us a parliament seat.”

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