Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Öcalan: A new phase has been entered

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Wednesday, November 18 2009
güncel Kurdish info 16.11.09 ‘‘There are sections of the (Turkish) State who are for a solution and sections that are against. Who will come out victorious will depend on the struggle between these two sections. A new phase has been entered. It is important that this phase is comprehended,’’ said Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

‘‘I am a political prisoner, my situation must be understood,’’ he added, before saying that a new inquiry had begun into something he had said. ‘‘The USA and Britain are governing this place. They are trying to annihilate the Kurdish Freedom Movement by using me. This is the reason for the solitary confinement punishment and also this new inquiry. It is impossible for me to issue an instruction for war from here, it is not right either. I am just commenting on the situation. I am trying to establish what will happen before it does; for this they are beginning inquiries. Because of this they are also punishing my solicitors and putting pressurise on them.’’

If they want me to play my part they must open my path
‘‘I am like someone who is connected to a life support machine. They can pull the plug whenever they want. They are pulling the plug and putting it back in with things like disciplinary inquiries. My health is not well. There is a constant itch and a problem in the urinary system. I find it hard to breathe, it is stuffy in here, and I cannot get air. Furthermore, I constantly have to keep my eyes shut; I find it hard to blink. There is also a constant discharge in my throat. I cannot sleep. I feel uncomfortable when the air-conditioning is on. Winter is around the corner, it will get harder. It is a miracle to live even one day in here. I may die; my health is linked to these conditions. They do not want me to speak. If they are sincere for peace then I will play my role. If my path is not cleared I cannot play this role. If I go and speak to them (the PKK) I can convince them. I proved this with the arrival of the peace groups. I moved the guerrillas outside Turkey’s borders in 1999. I called for a ceasefire in 2006 and prolonged it three times. I wrote a Road Map and handed it in. I made calls for peace on numerous occasions and wrote my defence (books). I am doing all I can for peace but my conditions are inadequate. I need to be given lee-way if I am to play my role.’’

It was a big show and now it has ended
Evaluating the government, Öcalan said, ‘‘it is now clear what they will do, it was a big show and now it has ended. I could guess from before but we still needed to wait and see whether they were sincere for peace. The process when the first and second peace groups arrived (in 99) was not assessed and used in the right way. This is the third peace group. I wanted to assess the AKP’s sincerity. And it has become apparent that the AKP are not sincere… the power-centre that is controlling the CHP and MHP is also controlling the AKP. The power that is controlling them is also trying to control a part of the Kurds as well. This is the message they are giving to the DTP, if you do not accept our plan, we will annihilate you. This is why the DTP’s closure is being kept on the agenda. Hundreds of DTP members have been arrested. Much bigger operations could be carried out.’’

Öcalan, ‘‘they are filling the prisons with 12 year old children and then saying ‘look we are taking steps to get you out.’ They are publicising Kurdish departments in universities and Kurdish television as steps forward. The Kurds do not need a TV, they already have one. To give a TV channel is not a step; it is not a right anymore. The AKP is playing for Kurdish votes once again. They are trying to buy off Kurds with funds and credit drawn from the GAP project. By using the chieftains and sheikhs they (the AKP) are planning to bring the Kurds on their side. The CHP’s Onur Öymen is asking for this rebellion to be quashed just like the Dersim rebellion. This is their mentality. This is why, to comprehend this mentality, I am saying political academies should be formed. These things need to be discussed in political academies.’’

The powers that are for and against a solution will do battle in this new phase
Öcalan said ‘‘with the arrival of the peace groups, the PKK and I have proved that we are ready for peace. In fact the State didn’t approach the arrival negatively, their release was positive. A positive environment was created, but MHP leader Bahçeli sabotaged it, he created a negative atmosphere. As you can see once again elimination and annihilation is on the agenda. There is a section of the State that is in favour of a solution. However, they are not strong enough. Whichever section is victorious in this struggle, the AKP will take their side. The AKP have always been on the side of the powerful. There are sections in the State and in the AKP that are for and against a solution. Who will come out victorious depends on the struggle within the State. A new phase has been entered. If a positive development occurs, I will still play my part. I will fulfil my responsibilities.’’

They are trying to continue the contra (Gladio) activity which began in 1987 with incidents like the Bilge Village massacre. There are things which the village guards are doing, these are contra activities controlled from a single centre. It has been uncovered that the Bilge Village massacre was co-ordinated and carried out with the approval of soldiers. They wanted to blame the incident on the PKK but couldn’t find any PKK members to make responsible.’’ Öcalan once again appealed to the Ergenekon prosecutor regarding the incidents and crimes that were blamed on the PKK and said that the prosecutor should come and listen to him.

Öcalan touched upon the role of Ergenekon regarding its role in blocking a solution by citing examples from recent history. ‘‘Özal was sincere. He didn’t know what would happen to him. Erbakan also tried to solve this issue. They did not kill him but overthrew him. Karadayı and Kıvrıkoğlu (generals) knew of the US policies and Ergenekon. In fact they wanted to resolve the issue. However, Ergenekon was too strong. Ecevit wanted to do some things. Bahçeli prevented this, he was specially assigned. They were awaiting a coup, but the US did not permit it. Bahçeli is trying to prevent a solution now as well. He is doing the job he has been given. Baykal has also been assigned specially to prevent a solution. Baykal was brought to prominence by JITEM who staged a coup inside the CHP. They toppled Altan Öymen and brought Deniz Baykal to the top. There are some democrats within the CHP who want a solution. There are also some sincere people who are democrats within the AKP.’’