Sunday, November 29, 2009

MP: Kurds should watch out for fascist Turkish bacteria


Ankara – MP Hasip Kaplan of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) compared the swine flu disease and bad bacteria with members of the Turkish parliament reports Nethaber. “There is no swine flu here [southeastern Turkey], but this has stuck in Ankara and it’s surroundings.”

According to Kaplan, the only party that celebrates the Islamic sacrifice feast in the Kurdish populated south-east, is the DTP, while Turkish MPs ignore the Kurdish border regions of Turkey. “Parliamentarians from Turkey don’t know what happens here and I don’t see signs of swine flu. There is no swine flu here, but this has stuck in Ankara and it’s surroundings.”

Kaplan warned the Kurdish people for two things: pigs and bad bacteria. “Bacteria that feed racism, bacteria that steal the identity of people, bacteria that differentiate between religions and fascist bacteria that regard themselves as the best.”

The Kurdish MP added, that the only recipe against the virus, is that the Kurdish people should form an unity and vote for the DTP (Photo:

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