Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kurdish PM Salih: Iraqi election boycott is Kurds last option


Baghdad - Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Barham Salih clarified the stand of Kurds towards the election law reports Al Sumaria Tv.

Salih’s statement followed a wide debate brought by Leader Massoud Barzani’s warning earlier that Kurds might boycott elections unless more seats are allocated in the new Parliament for the region’s provinces.

In an interview with Alanan talk show host Dalia Al Aqidi, which will be aired on Friday, Salih explained that Kurds opposition is not against the election law but against the Trade Ministry’s voters lists data which he said are inaccurate and unacceptable.

Barham Salih stressed that the possibility of boycotting elections is Kurds’ last option. KRG Prime Minister firmly rejected the delay of elections saying that any postponement would bring the country to constitutional void.

Salih hoped at the end of the interview that upcoming elections would push democracy forward and would be carried out with all transparency, integrity and freedom regardless of any influences.

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