Sunday, November 22, 2009

H1N1 virus hits Kurdistan


One confirmed death, two dozen hospitalized as the flu hits the Kurdish areas

Erbil- One person has died of Swine Flu and twenty six other have been hospitalized in Iraqi Kurdistan, Tahir Hawrami, Minister of Health told a news conference Sunday in Erbil.

The death case was recorded in Sulaimaniya province, while nine more people are being treated at the city’s hospitals, the Minister said. Three cases were recorded on Sunday in Erbil. In total 26 people have diagnosed to be H1N1 virus positive.

In recent weeks the hospitals were flooded with hundreds of patients who were concerned of have been hit by the disease, but it turned out that most of the cases were seasonal flu.

More than 18,000 people in the last four weeks have visited hospital for seasonal flu treatment, according to the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Saifaddin Mhedin, chairman of the Infectious Diseases at the Department of Health of Erbil Province, said that it is important for people to know the difference between seasonal flu and Swine flu. (Photo:

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