Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First official meeting between Gorran and the PDKI

Yesterday Osman Banimarani and Shoresh Haji from Iraqi Kurdistan’s Gorran (Change) block visited our party leadership in one of our bases in Kurdistan.

Banimarani and Haji talked about what their plans and goals are for the future of Kurdistan and Iraq. During the meeting the representatives of Gorran underlined that they are an independent movement that is not affiliated with any other political entity and that they only work to safeguard the interests of the Kurdish people in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

Our party leader, Mustafa Hijri, talked about the situation in Iran in general and Iranian Kurdistan in particular and he also talked about the political situation in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In this regard Hijri said that the current situation in Kurdistan, and especially the political situation, needs for all of the Kurdish political organizations, with all of their differences, to support the Kurdistan regional government and parliament in their work and they need to respect the democratic principals and each other in order to work together for the interests of the Kurdish people.

Hijri also underlined that the different political organizations should not give those that wish to harm the interests of the Kurdish people an opportunity to reach their objectives.