Tuesday, November 24, 2009

“Election law amendment no victory for Kurds”


Erbil - The first Kurdish parliament speaker Jawhar Namiq believes that the Kurdish parliament has the right to reject the election law based on Iraqi constitution article 2121.

In a exclusive interview with Rudaw, Jawhar Namiq criticized the reaction of Kurdish parliament and KRG authorities, after the passing of election law, when they describe it as “another achievement for Kurdish alliance in Baghdad”, he said.

Instead Nameq added, “This isn’t a victory or achievement”, he also criticized Kurdish leaders for only opposing to the number of seats, despite the fact that the real issue is relates to those conditions that has been put on Kirkuk issue, “in my view this is pressure card, it’s not that difficult to rearrange those sides and runaway from the issue and after that once again Kurdistan people make it as a achievement and winning and the other side viewed it as a compromise and softness from the Kurds”, he said.

Namiq believes that despite Kurdish leader’s happiness about achieving another victory in Baghdad for the Kurds, “the List of Kurdish alliance has cheated to themselves and Kurdish people, and this is the result of the lack of communication and management between Kurdish alliance list and Kurdistan region”, Nameq said.

The former parliament speaker believes that Kurdish leaders should focus their opposition on those articles that are relates to Kirkuk issue and the issue of the number of seats is just a technical issue, “it would’ve been better if the president of Kurdistan region and Kurdish parliament rejected the law, or they should have made one of their conditions on Kurdish participation of the election, on lifting those condition that they have put it on the Kirkuk issue and the solution of all the issues concerning the disputed region especially Kirkuk within a year, and not delaying the election results for a year along with all its issues,” he said.

Regarding this question is Kurdish parliament capable of rejecting the election law, “the problem is not capability, and it’s about wanting. The second point in 121st article of Iraqi constitution, it gives Kurdish parliament to reject the law.

Finally he added that the passing of articles of 3 and 6 is against and it’s opposite the articles of 14, 41, 46, 65, 121 and 140 in Iraqi constitution (Photo: Rudaw)

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