Friday, November 27, 2009

Famous Turkish popstar sings for killed Kurdish child

Istanbul – One of the most famous singers of Turkey Nazan Öncel, wrote a song for the killed 14-year-old Ceylan Önkol allegedly by the Turkish army in the Kurdish region of Turkey reports the Turkish daily Star.

Nazan Öncel says why she wrote a song for Ceylan: “I feel the pain of the mother of Ceylan, Saliha Onkel and that have touched me deeply. I know that there is not any solace that would reduce the pain of a mother.” Öncel said she want to let the children live again, who were killed in a similar way.

The Turkish authorities say that the 14-year-old Ceylan Önkol was killed by a landmine, but Kurdish activists says she was killed by artillery fire of the Turkish army.

Nazan Öncel is one of Turkey's most successful and famous pop music and pop rock singers. She's written songs for many famous singers such as Tarkan and İbrahim Tatlıses (Photo:

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