Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Three Kurdish citizens arrested and ‘disappeared’ from the city of Manbej, Syria


By Khalaf Dahowd

According to the Syria Committee for Human Rights (MAD), three Kurdish citizens in the city of Manbej in Syria were arrested by Political Security on Friday, 4 September 2009.

These people are:

Mahmoud Subhi Shekho born 1973 – Kobani town

Mahmoud Ahmed Khashman born 1961 Kobani town

Mustafa Ibrahim Ali – Kobani town

The reason for their arrest, and their whereabouts are still unknown seven weeks later.

It is known that Political Security forces have arrested many Kurds in recent years, in contravention of the Constitution of Syria. The State of Emergency is being used to justify arbitrary arrests and indefinite detention.

International Support for Kurds in Syria Association – SKS stands together with those who are calling for these people to be either charged or released, and for the State of Emergency to be lifted.

International Support for Kurds in Syria Association – SKS

26 October 2009