Saturday, October 31, 2009

Soldiers fire at villagers, 1 person dead

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Saturday, October 31 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 30.10.2009- Villagers from the Qelqeli town of Wan were fired at by the soldiers of the Kurudere Border Patrol Office while going to the border to buy crude oil. One of the villagers, Sabahattin Koçak, died at the scene of the incident. Four other people were beaten by soldiers.

Those who escaped the incident unharmed, Rıdvan Akyürek, Orhan Akyürek, Cihan Meşe and Şahabettin Yalçınkaya, were caught by soldiers in the village and attacked with the butts of the guns. The body of Koçak was buried in the village of Engiz following an autopsy.