Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prominent journalist attacked in Arbil, KDP accused

London ( 29 October 2009: Three unknown men attacked the prominent Kurdish journalist Nabaz Goran in Arbil on Thursday, reported local media.

Nabaz told Sbiey website that while he was walking out of the Jihan magazine office, and three men walked toward him. The men asked about his identity, and after establishing his identity, they physically attacked him.

Nabaz Goran stated, “The reason behind the attack is clear. I am a journalist and critical of the authority; this is the sole reason of the attack. I blame Arbil authority for this attack. We all know that KDP is responsible because no other parties have authority [in Hawlaer].”

KDP or the Kurdistan Democratic Party is led by Masoud Barzani who also the President of Kurdistan, albeit has no real power in the areas where Gorran Movement is influential, in particular Sulemani governorate and the distinct of Garmyan .

Nabaz Goran is a controversial figure who is known for his courage and has no fear of the authorities in his writing. Goran address issues that it was a taboo before. For example, Goran stated that no Sorani speaking Kurd will ever become the head of the KDP; it has to be from the Barzan tribe.

Goran is the editor in chief of Jihan Magazine which is published in Arbil, the regional capital.