Thursday, October 22, 2009

PKK ‘peace group’ will arrive at 28 October in Istanbul

Brussels - The last PKK peace group from Europe will arrive on 28 October in Istanbul. The group will consist of 15 members. Members of this latest ‘Kurdish peace mission’ plan to deliver a statement outlining their aims at a press conference to be held on 27 October in the European capital of Brussels.

Building on the momentum begun by ‘peace groups’ who arrived in Diyarbakir from across the Iraqi border on Monday 19 October, a new Kurdish group is to set off for Turkey from Europe. The peace group initiative follows after a call of the imprisoned PKK-leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The groups were received on Monday by thousands of Kurds. The goal of the group was to break the ‘deadlock’ inside Turkey and to reduce tensions and to stop the escalation of further violence. The Turkish prime minister Erdogan welcomed the move, but slammed the welcome for the rebels, calling it "an irresponsible provocation

The Turkish nationalist opposition parties Republican People's Party (CHP) and Nationalistic Movement Party (MHP) criticized the attitude of the government and claimed the government was ‘surrendering to the PKK’ (Photo: ANF).

Source: Rudaw