Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PKK Decriminalised Overnight!

One aspect of the strategically brilliant move by Abdullah Ocalan was to effectively 'de-criminalise' the Kurdish Freedom Movement almost overnight.

It has left some observers and so called 'experts' completely and utterly speechless. Literally.

Take the example of the blogger Mr Wilgenberg at Transnational Observer.

This blogger normally goes out of his way to report on the 'criminalisation' aspect of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, always ready to convey the Turkish Government's message that the PKK are 'terrorists' and 'criminals'.

He calls himself an expert on Turkey and the Kurdish issue.

What is hilarious is that he has completely ignored the 20th October and the Peace Groups sent by Abdullah Ocalan to Turkey as a signal of peace and their triumphant reception by millions of jubilant Kurdish people and their tour around Kurdistan.

There is gap in his 'reporting' from the 14th Oct, with a typically cynical post and the next post is on the 26th October and he chooses to post about Turkey and France's 'struggle with terrorism'!

Everybody knows that the events of the 20th October are the most important historical development in the Kurdish issue in Turkey and yet he has nothing to say about it.


Because, more than any other event has done, the events on the 20th October 2009 showed unequivocally that the PKK are the Freedom Fighters of the Kurdish people.

No argument!

It has left commentators that make their living from spouting Turkish propaganda completely and utterly dumbstruck!

Nothing to say! Except blubbering about the large crowds that greeted the PKK Fighters and complaining that 'it's not fair'.

You gotta laugh!

PKK decriminalised, so called experts, discredited!

And remember, The Kurdish Promise is Peace!

A journalist put it very well to a Turkish court recently when charged with 'making propaganda of 'an illegal'
organisation. He said:

"I never ever stepped up in public and cheered for the PKK, but I became witness of 1 million people in Diyarbakır shouting for PKK. There is no need for us to make propaganda because the people do so anyway".