Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s longest suicide letter

By Mufid Abdulla

Once upon a time, and it was a very bad time, there was a leader, who decided to commit suicide due to a psychological breakdown which left him with no hope to live. At the last minute, after making his decision and writing his suicide letter, he changed his mind and decided it was worth allowing more time to see how reality could change itself.

The PUK defeat in the 25/07 election was the main factor in his suicide decision that night but suddenly he changed his mind, wanting to reply to the negative voices and to further rectify the current situation in the Sulaymania area.

This PUK leader decided, with his followers, to install the platform of his party’s organisation in the Kurdistani News, the daily PUK newspaper. In more than a hundred page report and analysis, this fact-finding mission, including witness statements, appeared to be the most exhausted exercise ever had, yet still it could not change the root of suicide …

With the PUK’s current situation, there is no way to assign overall responsibility for the deficit to one side alone. This is a culmination of months and years of rising tension.

Expelling members from the PUK because of choosing a different vote is timed to inflict maximum humiliation. The assumption by the PUK followers of this death warrant, converse to common sense, has come too late to rescue the PUK from destruction.

Voices from PUK followers on television, newspapers and the Internet, in response to criticism from the people, to me, is nothing other than prolonging their suicide note. Otherwise, the only way for the PUK to survive is to dismantle the current basis and strife, as a way of modernising their roots and structures to become compatible with the hopes of the mass of people in the south of Kurdistan.

Source: Kurdish Aspects