Saturday, October 31, 2009

An increase in racist attacs

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Saturday, October 31 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 30.10.2009- The reception of the Peace Groups by millions of people has upset the profiteers of war. Racist attacks which began in Mersin on October 20th have now spread to other places. Resul Ilçin was killed by torture on 21st October. On the same day two university students were attacked and beaten in Elaziz. A mob attempted to lynch two people in Edirne on the 23rd after their phone rang with a Kurdish tune.

On the same day a peace march in Mersin was attacked by fascists. Adding to the wave of racist attacks the Elaziz DTP branch was attacked and two Kurds were stabbed in Ankara on the 24th.

In addition, the racist Turkish-Left (Türksolu) magazine distributed racist and threatening leaflets and organised a march. The last attack occurred yesterday when a group of about 150 fascists (ülkücü) attacked and occupied the DTP Konya branch.

Intellectuals have commented on these events:
HALUK GERGER, academic and writer, stated: The reaction actually fits in with the ‘plan’. If the essence of the plan is the poison of annihilation wrapped in a package of reform, then the threat of war and violence shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Turkish Republic (TC) isn’t free to do whatever it wants, this surly and arrogant bragging is nothing, it is like whistling in an empty cemetery. The objective conditions and obligations are forcing them to a solution. The will of the Kurds has been decided. Risks and danger are appearing at the forefront, however, beyond that, within the confusion there are opportunities and possibilities.

FERHAT KENTEL, an academic, said: Unfortunately the language of war is continuing to take people hostage. The status quo and nationalist parties who feed off fear are endeavouring to impede this process, and they have been successful to a certain extent. I think the government’s statements which have accused the DTP are due to the pressure these nationalist forces have applied. If we look at the comments made by the Prime Minister and Interior Minister, we can see that there is serious mental investment.

AYDIN ENGIN, a journalist and writer, commented: Racist-Nationalist sensibilities are being escalated consciously at the moment in Turkey. However, this picture shouldn’t lead to pessimism. All kinds of zigzags and uncertain moments are inevitable in a process such as this. It is very important that a smarter policy be waged against a party such as the AKP, which doesn’t have principles, determines its policies on a day-to-day basis and is made up of cadres who retreat when a strong wind blows.