Saturday, October 24, 2009

Further detention of Kurds in Syria

By Khalaf Dahowd

On 5 October 2009 a young Kurdish man, Kefkhesh Yassin Adnan, was sentenced to three months in prison and a fine of 100 Syrian pounds for inciting sectarianism – because he was wearing a necklace ‘suspected of being similar to the Kurdish flag’, according to Kurdish Committee for Human Rights – al-Rasd/Monitor at

Bahjat Mohammed Ali Baki, a man in his fifties who was married in Amouda town was arrested by Political Security on 20 October 2009. He has been called in several times this year to talk with Political Security according to his family.

Manal Ibrahim Ibrahim, born in Qamishli in 1981 was arrested on 15 October 2009 by Political Security forces. She has been active in the women’s movement Setar.

Rojhat Subhi Mustafa, born in 1992 in Jenders, Afrin was arrested by security forces on 15 October 2009. His whereabouts are still unknown.

On Wednesday, 20 October 2009 the Supreme State Security Court called a special session to consider the case against each of the following young Kurds:

Khalid Shukri Omar, born in 1988, arrested 9 February 2006

Farhad Mohamed Mohamed

Jegger Mohammad Sheho born in 1989, arrested on 15 January 2007

Safqan Rashid Khalo born in 1990, was arrested on 19 February 2006

Rashid Rashid born in 1958, arrested on 19 February 2006.

The session was devoted to the case for their defence only, and it was then adjourned until 13 November 2009

Also on 20 October 2009, Nasser Ahmed Mohammed, born in 1987 in Qamishli district, a second year student at the Health Institute, Department of Radiology. He was arrested in Damascus on 6 August 2009 by Political Security forces, and his trial was postponed until 1 November 2009.

We at International Support Kurds in Syria Association – SKS – ask that the international community recognises that the continuing State of Emergency laws allow the Syrian authorities to detain these Kurds as political prisoners for long periods of time without trial. We ask that this and other human rights abuses are prioritised in any discussions with the Syrian Government.