Thursday, September 17, 2009

Webmaster of Iraqi president sacked for giving his vote to Gorran, local media

London ( 16 September 2009: The only Kurdish employee working on the Iraqi president’s website was sacked recently for giving his vote in the last election to Gorran, an opponent list to that of the president, reported Kurdish website Awne on Wednesday.

Because I voted for Gorran parliamentary list in the last election, I was removed from my post by a presidential decree, Nabaz Jaff told Awene on Wednesday. Jaff was responsible for the Kurdish part of the President of Iraq’s website and has been in that position for the last four years.

On 14th September, I visited Baghdad to find out the reason for my removal which stated in the presidential decree. It was explained to me that I have moved because I voted the Gorran List, Jaff told Awene. “It is true that I have voted Gorran, but even before I have not been a PUK member,” Jaff added.

Jalal Talabani the president of Iraq is a Kurd and the head one of the ruling Kurdish groups.