Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talabani’s cash-for-vote started: US $5000 to Kurdish intellectuals of Kirkuk

London ( 19 September 2009: Talabani has given $US5000 to a number of Kurdish intellectuals in Kirkuk against taking part in the election, reported Hawlati on Saturday.

The PUK leadership has recently put their weight behind the election in Kirkuk fear, as the local media reported, of the humiliating defeat in the coming elections for the council of Kirkuk and for the Iraqi parliament. As part of his campaign, Talabani has met the different sectors of Kirkuk, including intellectuals, writers and journalisms, who were offered $US5000.

It is not declared which budget pays for this election propaganda and it is legality is seriously under question, as cash-for-vote is unlawful. Last week by a presidential decree of Talabani, a Kurdish football player, playing for the Iraqi national team, was offered vast piece of land.

The power of Talabani in areas under his PUK control is unlimited and he has access to an open budget, local observers report.