Monday, September 14, 2009

Southern Kurdistan: 21 Kurdish border traders have been killed in 5 weeks

  • 13/09/2009 

London ( 13 September 2009: In the last five weeks 21 Kurdish border traders “smugglers” have been killed by Iranian Supah, Army, according to a Kurdish news on Sunday by website.

Without any respect for the fundamentals of human rights, the Iranian army shot and kill the Kurdish smugglers who only smuggle to keep their families alive, quoting Furat news agency.

A high number of smugglers have been wounded some of them are children, according to the news.

Transporting goods for the population of the border villages between Iraq, Iraq and Turkey has been a norm of life throughout history. Before establishing the nation states in the Middle East, transportation was not illegal. It was only with the establishment of nation states, the term changed form transportation to smuggling. The borders go across small Kurdish communities and until recently the borders did not have any meaning for the local populations, whose families were spread on both sides of the border.