Sunday, September 27, 2009

Öcalan: I’ve written and presented all that is needed for a democratic solution

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Sunday, September 27 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 27.09.2009-Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan has had his weekly meeting with his solicitors. Assessing the recent situation, Öcalan said, ‘I’ve presented my views for a solution. There is not much more I can do. It is in the Road Map: I will still do everything I can for a solution, but these conditions won’t permit me to do much more. It is physically impossible. The Turkish state, the DTP and the PKK are putting all the responsibility on to my shoulders. This is unrealistic.I don’t even have freedom of movement here. You are not able to improve conditions here but you burden me with responsibility. You are not going to give me the means to solve this problem but still heap responsibility on to me. This is not the right way to do things,’ he said.
Öcalan responds to the Chief of General Staff
Responding to General Başbuğ’s ‘there are lords of terror and politics’ comment, Öcalan said, ‘Başbuğ has mentioned the lords of terror and politics. We made this criticism before… Başbuğ is talking about the lords in the region who are taking advantage of this war. Who supported the development of these lords till this time? Who wanted this system to stay as it is? You bear as much responsibility for these feudal lords as they themselves… The Turkish Army and the bureaucracy have maintained and made sure that this feudal system has survived till today… For 80 years you have oppressed the Kurds, prevented the democratic progress, prevented the development of even the simplest human freedoms,suppressed all political and human rights and now you are talking about the lords of terror and politics. If you don’t want the lords of politics, then allow for the emergence of democratic politics. You cannot be afraid and complain about these lords if you don’t allow for democratic politics.’

Turkish politicians are not implementing the policy of Ataturk In a letter I received it says, ‘Andrew Mango was asked: ‘what do you think of the Democratic Expansion?’ and Mango replied; ‘the Kurdish Expansion is a necessary continuation of Ataturk’s revolutionary principles.’ ‘The Turkish politicians of today who say they are the followers of Ataturk, don’t have anything to do with him, they do not even know what Ataturk stands for. On 10th February 1922 Mustafa Kemal emphasised that the Kurds had the right to autonomy, these are his ideas.’

Tansu Çiller was a CIA Agent
‘Tansu Çiller was nowhere to be seen till 1992, nobody knew her. Using Süleyman Demirel, they made Tansu Çiller, a CIA agent, into the Prime Minister of Turkey. This is when the green light was given for them to massacre the Kurds. During this period the UK said to General Doğan Güreş and Tansu Çiller ‘we have given you the green light, you can attack the Kurds.’ In the '90s Çiller and Güreş inflicted unimaginable tyranny on the Kurds. There were thousands of extra-judicial killings; thousands of beautiful people were killed… Ergenekon is a prime example of this. They turned the Kurds and Turks into their enemies. What more could they have done? What could be worse than having a CIA agent as Prime Minister? The newspapers of the day also wrote that she was an agent.’

Don’t they have even a little conscience
‘Deniz Baykal (CHP) and Devlet Bahçeli (MHP), who are they and what are they in politics for? Their politics has nothing to do with Turks or Turkish nationalism. What the MHP is doing is not Turkism. The Turkism they represent has only a hundred year history and was concocted later on. Every day people are dying. Don’t Baykal and Bahçeli see this, don’t they have a conscience? How can they stand by and let this happen, it is impossible to comprehend.’

On the DTP and PKK
‘Whether they fight, escalate the war or surrender I can’t interfere. It is their choice. It would not be practical if the DTP and the PKK burdened me with any more responsibility… If I am to help solve this problem, then my path must be cleared. War and peace is something that is up to them.’

Things can be agreed upon in negotiation
‘A social compromise can be agreed upon with negotiations. The democratic potential of society will develop with a social compromise. A social compromise is for the benefit of all, it will mean everyone wins, society wins. Democratic negotiations must begin in October. If negotiations begin, a solution will develop. Why are they afraid of negotiating? They will come together, negotiate and a solution will begin to take shape. What is there to be afraid of? A regular meeting in Parliament will not do, the problem should be discussed responsibly… Negotiations will also reveal who is for and who is against a solution. Also it will show who wants peace and who wants war, who wants justice, who wants injustice, who is for extra-judicial killings who is for law, who wants an enlightened country, who wants a country in darkness. If negotiations take place, the masks of those who don’t want peace and a solution will fall. It will show who is for the independence of this country… If peace comes Turkey will be a shining light in the Middle East. And it will become a model. If I am given the opportunity I can knock the masks off those that don’t want peace and a solution. Who is for fraternity let it be known. And then the Turkish people can make their own decisions about me.’

Anything can happen in this period
‘We are in a period where anything is possible. We will see all together how it will progress and conclude. The USA is telling the AKP to solve the problem. However, the AKP hasn’t even comprehended the problem. The Prime Minister has comprehended a little, but the AKP do not know how to manoeuvre. The USA wants a solution, but the fascist structure will not allow it and the US does not know what to do. The USA cannot get the AKP to lead a reforming coup; its structure isn’t suitable for this. The government’s situation is clear…’

They know that I will not betray the Kurds
‘They will attack the PKK and the Kurds for another period of time. They will try this method for a while. However, they will not be successful, their success is not possible. They know me; they know I will not betray the Kurds. What more do you want of me? The situationof the Kurds is clear. I’ve written the road map for a solution. The state is examining it.’