Sunday, September 13, 2009

Öcalan: The guerrilla will certainly defend themselves

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Sunday, September 13 2009
güncelKurdish Info 13.09.2009-Assessing the recent clashes between the Turkish military and HPG guerrillas Öcalan said “If they (the guerrillas) are attacked then of course they will need to defend themselves. If a solution is not reached within 3 months they will ‘finish’ the Prime Minister, like Turgut Özal they may even dispose of him.” He continued, “Turkey is at a cross-road, either it will democratise its system or it will lose” and appealed to Erdoğan saying “I am appealing to the Prime Minister, please do not set the soldiers on them (the guerrillas), and stop the military operations. You can do this. If the soldiers are not set upon them then there will be no clashes. We are expecting sensitivity from him toward this issue.”