Saturday, September 26, 2009

KCK: The military bill is a proclamation of war against the people of Kurdistan

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Saturday, September 26 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 25.09.2009- In its latest statement the KCK Executive Council Leadership has announced that the Turkish General Staff’s request for a military bill is a declaration of war against the people of Kurdistan. The KCK Executive Council Leadership also commented that the Turkish state and AKP government weren’t looking for a solution to the Kurdish problem. The statement noted that the aim of recent developments was to weaken, isolate and eliminate the Kurdistan Freedom Movement.
The road map written by the Kurdish people’s national leader Abdullah Öcalan hadn’t yet been released to the public, the continuing political and military operations, and the agreements made with the central Iraq government were all proof of this, said the statement.

The KCK called into question the AKP government’s contradictory stance and reminded the public of Erdoðan’s insistence on the national unity project, whilst also saying that the military bill would be put before parliament. This would not mean a solution to the Kurdish problem but a declaration of war against the people of Kurdistan, said the KCK. The fact that 25 cross-border operations had been carried out before was also called to attention and it was noted that this bill would not be any different. The bill would mean that the war would escalate, the politics of denial and elimination would be continued and Southern Kurdistan would be put under threat.

Attention has turned in the past few days to the Kurdish side regarding the ceasefire position they had taken since 13th April.

The KCK also made a statement regarding this issue. The statement noted that recent developments had proved that the Turkish state didn’t have a serious and consistent approach to the problem. ‘Despite everything, we are insistent and determined on a democratic solution’ said the KCK, and announced that they would decide their position according to the developments over the next few weeks. It was also added that the Kurdish issue had been discussed in detail by all parties in Turkey and Turkish politics for the first time.

However, ‘The unilateral ceasefire of the Kurdish resistance has meant that our people and movement have paid dearly.’ It was reminded that during this period, the military operations of the Turkish Army had cost the lives of 63 guerrillas and hundreds of Kurdish politicians; children and members of the public had been arrested. Furthermore the conditions of their leader had not been improved at all and his road map had not been released for public opinion said the KCK.

The KCK went on to say, ‘Despite all this, our movement, leader and people are insisting and sincere for a peaceful solution to this problem.’

The statement also emphasised that a solution could not be reached with the efforts of only one side. ‘No deceptions, use of force or special war manoeuvres will be able to defeat our Freedom Movement,’ said the KCK, appealing to the Turkish state.

The statement called for the AKP and all the forces operating within the state to ‘abandon the politics of annihilation, and approach the problem in a realistic way to achieve an honourable peace and democratic solution.’
The KCK also pointed out that all over the world these types of problems were solved through negotiation. And called on the EU and the USA to be aware of the demagogues and support a democratic solution rather than terror and massacre.