Sunday, September 13, 2009

Defence expert: US should ensure Kurdish self-determination

Rudaw - By Hawar Abdulrazaq

Defence expert Bill Park argues that America should do more to ensure Kurdish self-determination. He also says that the KDP and PUK should form ‘one party’ to appeal voters from all parts of the KRG area.

Bill Park is a Senior Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department, at King’s College London Universityin the UK. He is an expert on Turkish Foreign and Security Policy and Iraqi politics. He is an occasional contributor to The World Today and Jane's Intelligence Review and to TV and radio as a Turkey expert. He wrote about relations between the new Obama administration and Turkey and also about Kurds-Turkish relations. 

Do you think Barham Salih is a good choice as the next prime minister?

Barham Salih is a very good choice, in my opinion. He is a very experienced politician, with good connections inside Iraq as a whole and with the outside world, especially the US and UK. He is generally careful in what he says, very balanced and sensible in his thinking, and very much a realist and is sophisticated in his analysis. He seems to fully appreciate the difficult circumstances in which the Kurds of Iraq are placed, and is aware of the need to take the sensitivities of Arab Iraq and of Iraq's neighbours into account.

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