Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Berlin Conference: Kurds should be officially recognised

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Sunday, September 13 2009
Kurdish Info 12.09.2009- The conference held in Berlin for the official recognition of the Kurds living in Germany has come to an end. Held in the Berlin State Parliament, the conference called for the Kurds, who have been living in Germany for 45 years, to be recognised as a distinct refugee group. The conference was organised by 9 institutions under the leadership of YEK-KOM, the Kurdish Community Centres Federation of Germany.
The conference was attended by Berlin State Parliament President Walter Momer, Amed Municipality President Osman Baydemir, Dr. Zerdeşt Haco, YEK-KOM President Ahmet Çelik, European Peace Parliament member Murat Çakır, Prof. Norman Paech, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dressen, Kurdish National Congress (KNK) members and representatives of 40 other organisations.

In speeches it was highlighted that Kurds were the second most prominent refugee group in Germany and should be officially recognised.

Furthermore it was stated that the ban declared in 1993 on the PKK – Kurdistan Workers Party immediately be lifted. The results of the conference are to be forwarded to the German State by a commission.

This commission is to meet with political parties, the Interior and Exterior Ministry, compile and forward files regarding the recognition of the Kurds and Kurdish issue in Germany. 

Some of the decisions taken by majority vote are as follows:

-    The official recognition of Kurds in Germany
-    The right to education in the mother-tongue
-    The formation of Kurdish consultancy and information centres in official institutions
-    The lifting of the ban on the PKK
-    The assistance of Germany for a solution to the Kurdish issue.