Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amnesty International Report 2009: The state of the world’s human rights

The Amnesty International Report 2009 documents the state of human rights during 2008, in 157 countries and territories around the world. It reveals the systemic discrimination and insecurity that prevent progress in law from becoming a reality on the ground. Crucially, this report reveals a world where, time-andagain, states pick and choose the rights they are willing to uphold, and those they would rather suppress. The report opens with five regional overviews that highlight the key events and trends that dominated the human rights agenda in each region in 2008. The heart of the book is a country-by-country survey of human rights, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Each entry begins with a summary of the human rights situation in the country. Amnesty International’s concerns on various issues are then set out, highlighting individual cases where appropriate. If an issue is not covered in a country entry, this should not be taken as a statement by Amnesty International that abuses within this category did not occur. Nor can the absence of an entry on a particular country or territory be taken to imply that no human rights abuses of concern to Amnesty International took place there during 2008. In particular, the length of individual entries cannot be used as the basis for a comparison of the extent and depth of Amnesty International’s concerns.

You may download the AI report here - over 400 pages:

Amnesty International Report 2009