Saturday, September 26, 2009

According to Basbug the guerrillas, sho are on ceasefire are responsible

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Saturday, September 26 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 25.09.2009-Baþbuð responded to the ceasefire of the guerrillas. He renewed his intent on war. The Chief of General Staff Ilker Baþbuð visited the Sýnýrtepe gendarme headquarters in the Nisebin province of Mardin and commented on recent events. Baþbuð blamed the last 30 years of war on the PKK without questioning any of the reasons for it. He assessed the inactivity of the HPG as being a threat. And then he went on to threaten those supporting this position by saying, ‘How can these actions be supported.’
He continued by revealing that there were 683 gendarme stations in the area and more were being built. Baþbuð also admitted that 5,699 civilians had died, but didn’t miss the opportunity to blame it on the PKK.

Later Baþbuð commented that the only power that could legitimately use arms was the state. There was no gain in using arms and bloodshed, so therefore the only thing the PKK could do was to leave their weapons and surrender.

Returning from his visit of border gendarme stations Ilker Baþbuð spoke with journalists.

Baþbuð gave notice that operations into Southern Kurdistan would continue. ‘If the PKK’s existence there is not destroyed it won’t do,’ he said. ‘You must profit from every chance’ he continued.

Next Baþbuð said things that could damage the democratic expansion, ‘Our position in tackling terrorism is clear, we support the democratic expansion on these grounds’ he said.

Baþbuð also stated that not everything could be dealt with under the pretext of democracy, as this could damage the general balance of things.